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Bedrock Automation has developed the next generation industrial control system with a revolutionary electro-magnetic backplane architecture and deeply embedded cyber security for the highest levels of system performance, security and reliability at the lowest system cost.


Bedrock backplane

 Bedrock Backplane


Bedrock started with a clean sheet of paper just a few years ago and re-imagined how a modern industrial control system should be designed: Simple  Scalable  Secure


Bedrock controller

Bedrock Controller Module


Simple: One controller for every conceivable application and size of control task. Ladder, Batch, Continuous, or Multivariable control from one device supporting as little as ten, or as many as thousands of I/O per controller. The first truly open platform that runs Bedrock’s advanced Cloud Control Architecture, proprietary OEM, or IEC61131 control languages. A controller with military and aerospace levels of physical and software crypto technologies that are layered, and transparent to the user. One device for the ages – security just happens.


Bedrock io

Bedrock IO Module


 Scalable: An unprecedented automation architecture with unlimited scalability from tens to tens of thousands of I/O using less than a dozen system part numbers. Our controller and power supply module each occupy single or dual positions on the patented Bedrock magnetic backplane (BMI). This revolutionary pin-less 4Gbit backplane supports Secure Controllers, Secure Power Modules and Secure I/O Modules with scalable single/dual/triple I/O redundancy. Regardless of application or size, the Secure Controller scales to the control task.


Bedrock power

Bedrock Power Module


 Secure: All traditional industrial control systems are vulnerable to multiple forms of cyber-attack, IP, and counterfeiting theft. Black Fabric™ Cybershield is Bedrock’s embedded deep trust cyber defense using patented processor, memory, communications, interconnections, backplane, and packaging technologies to integrate cyber security into every module at birth. Embedded deep trust also means Black Fabric™ Cybershield comes at no additional cost or compromise to performance. Black Fabric™ Cybershield works transparently and instantly upon startup to manage transistor-encased authentication keys that protect the hardware, firmware, software, and application transactions of the Secure Controller throughout its entire lifecycle. The controller is born with Black Fabric™ Cybershield, fortified for users against the threats of today and tomorrow.

 Bedrock control system overview




More information:   Icon pdf  Bedrock Product Brochure (3-2-16)



Siemens MASTERDRIVES service, support and upgrade

Siemens has produced the MASTERDRIVES range of automation products since the early 1990’s. These products have come to the end of their life and are no longer supported by Siemens.

How does this affect your plant?

• Cost of spares are becoming more expensive, availability is decreasing and lead time to receive spares is increasing

• Specific Product knowledge of MASTERDRIVES products and specialist knowledge is not readily available


Our MasterDrives Know-How is your advantage

I S Systems have the expertise to offer continued support for the MasterDrives systems, with extensive range of stocked spares and specialist service engineers, available around the clock.

We can also conduct independent audits to establish your level of exposure and offer solutions to keep your plant producing.

I S Systems have devised a number of proven upgrade strategies to cope with the MasterDrives phase-out with over 50 major conversions successfully completed over the last 5 years.

Experienced Engineers with a combined experience of over 100 years of MasterDrives knowledge can assess your risk and tailor solutions to fulfill your change-out requirement and budget.


MasterDrives Service & Support

We carry out site audits to determine:

• A rationalised list of MasterDrives parts in use on site
• Evaluation of MasterDrives spares held on site and advise on critical spares
• MasterDrives program backup verifications
• Support and upgrade proposals


MasterDrives upgrades

Upgrades can take any number of pathways and include:

• Full upgrades: The MasterDrives is replaced in its entirety with state of the art drives systems

• Staged upgrades:
   - Upgrade individual components.

Each strategy offers distinct advantages, let us advise you on which one suits you best.

Give us a call and let us objectively assess your risk and formulate a service & support or upgrade strategy that fits your needs.


MASTERDRIVES Phase out Timeline

masterdrives timeline

For more information: PDF icon ISS Siemens MasterDrives Upgrade Brochure



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Many customers have variable speed drives installed on site. Some of these drives are critical to the throughput of the plant. In order to reduce risk of lengthy delays due to failures associated with the Drives or their relevant interface or safety system, it is essential to ensure that expert assistance is on hand 24 hour a day, 365 days of the year should it be required. Equipment manufacturers are constrained to support their own individual products. Customers usually have systems comprising multiple vendor equipment and the site therefore requires support across these multiple vendors. I S Systems have extensive experience with all of the major vendors and has a long history of providing the required site integrated system support.



I S Systems is able to provide a comprehensive assistance package which provides an efficient and economical service to maintain optimum production. Remote support, onsite support and audits & preventative maintenance are offered for both low voltage drive (LVD) and medium voltage drive (MVD) variants. Support assistance can take various forms from telephone contact to online remote support and if required presence on site. Support assistance can be provided 24hrs per day 365 days per year. I S Systems engineers are available with agreed response times and next flight availability if onsite support is required. Onsite audits & preventative maintenance are to be conducted as per agreed plans under the comprehensive assistance package.


The system of audits and preventative maintenance is a measure to ensure that non-scheduled or urgent breakdowns are prevented. Also many non-urgent and some urgent support problems can be remedied at the time of audit further ensuring that non-scheduled site visits are minimal. This is an absolute demonstration of the effectiveness and efficiency of the services provided by I S Systems. The fact that the vast majority of support is remote means that problems are solved quickly and economically without travel, accommodation or site allowance costs involved in providing the necessary support and assistance to keep production throughput at maximum capacity. I S Systems engineers work directly with the site staff to improve system reliability through design improvements.


The audits provide a baseline of data and information for the equipment items which will be established and maintained as a reference for maintenance and troubleshooting. The audit process will include an update of the installed equipment, software schedules and a review of the upgrade plan to help avoid obsolescence.


I S Systems can provide training to your personnel on the software and hardware associated with this package to eliminate any high dependence on individuals.


This is I S Systems total care plan for variable speed drives.


More information:

    Icon pdf Delta Medium Voltage Drives - Total Care Plan - Summary revC.PDF

eaton xe m






xEnergy: Make way for progress by integrating innovation

I S Systems Pty Limited, as an Eaton xEnergy Partner can offer all relevant protective switchgear assemblies in the respective degree of protection up to 5000 A.


In addition, design verification of the entire unit of switchgear, fitting system technology and cabinet in accordance with IEC/EN 61439 provides for a high level of safety. This modular system allows for easy expansion to meet increasing future requirements.

Eaton xEnergy

wa vt05911 s

wa vt06011 s

xEnergy product features:

  • Enclosures for side-by-side and stand-alone cabinets.
  • Degree of protection IP31 or IP55.
  • Main busbars up to 5000A.
  • 2 Main busbar systems are possible in each section.
  • Clear separations into functional areas from Form 1 to Form 4 to provide even better protection for people and equipment.
  • Section widths of 425, 600, 800, 850, 1000, 1100, 1200 and 1350 mm.
  • Height 2000 mm.
  • Colour RAL 7035 (other colours upon request).
  • Network types TN-C, TN-C-S, TN-S, TT, IT.
  • Type-tested switchgear assemblies in accordance with IEC/EN 61439.
  • Optimized for 3 and 4 pole switchgear from Eaton.
  • Outgoing Sections available in fixed, removable or withdrawable.



Arcflash Reduction Maintenance System (ARMS)

eaton armsA circuit breaker equipped with an Arcflash Reduction Maintenance System (ARMS) can improve safety by providing a simple and reliable method to reduce fault clearing time. The Arcflash Reduction Maintenance System is controlled directly on the breaker or with an external lockable switch than can easily activate a faster tripping time at the work location and can be incorporated into a lockout procedure. Equipment downstream of a circuit breaker equipped with an Arcflash Reduction Maintenance System can significantly lower incident energy level and the hazard risk category. This ARMS feature can be integrated into the xEnergy system when ARMS ready ACBs are installed, therefore increasing personnel safety, reducing levels of PPE and improving worker comfort and mobility.



Eaton Diagnose System

eaton diagnoseThe new Eaton Diagnose System temperature monitoring brings enhanced security to your switchboard. The Diagnose System makes a permanent 24hrs/7day thermal monitoring of main distribution boards possible. The system is a wireless and maintenance free temperature monitoring system which measures, records and trends your switchboard temperature. This system will give early detection of problems and therefore reducing any mechanical stress, it will reduce or negate the need for infrared scans and optimise service intervals.





Web Links:   Eaton xEnergy Website
ARMS Arcflash Reduction Maintenance System
Eaton Diagnose System
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I S Systems is an electrical engineering company dedicated to providing high quality engineering, software development and on-site services to many industries where Medium Voltage Drives (MVD) are utilised. We specialise in commissioning and maintaining our customers equipment and production requirements both locally onsite and remotely.


I S Systems’ engineers have expertise in Medium Voltage Drive systems for all industry sectors. Our engineers are also well known as retrofit and upgrade specialists and can offer services to help you replace or upgrade your application to the latest solution.





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