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For the third year in a row I S Systems have been selected as a finalist in the Zenith Awards


Boral Roof Tiles


Kiln Control System Modernisation
Wyong, NSW

The Boral roofing clay tile factory is highly dependent on the operation of its kiln, which was controlled by a legacy Siemens S5 PLC system. The lack of spares availability for the ageing system was an unacceptable risk to production, and Boral engineers turned to I S Systems for assistance with the modernisation of the control system. The replacement system consisted of a Siemens S7317-2DP CPU, S7 Remote I/O and a redundant, Citect V6.1 SCADA.


The conversion of the software from S5 to S7 was further complicated because the documentation of variables, data structures and code descriptions had been lost over the years. I S Systems reconstructed the software on the S7 platform. Upgrading the old DIMOS SCADA to Citect presented its own unique challenges since the original configuration software no longer existed. The new SCADA software was created from scratch through a process of monitoring the operation of the existing SCADA system and evaluating how it interacted with the existing S5 PLC software. The kiln never stopped operating during the transition, and no product was lost.