During the past year we have been reviewing our business operations and focus. New business
opportunities have been identified and new strategies have been developed to deliver services to our

Our plan is to continue to develop and expand our existing business in the metals, mining,
manufacturing and infrastructure sectors. Our engineering, manufacturing, sales and service activities
remain as core business activities. Our objective is to deliver even higher levels of technical
expertise, support and project delivery.

This review is already delivering growth and expanded business opportunities. Our staff resources
have also seen growth to support the expanded activities. Our operations in all three local offices
continue with our loyal staff to serve and support you. In the coming months you will be advised of
some exciting new product, engineering and service offerings from ISS.

In addition we are developing new business in the renewable energy market. Our focus is on the
power conversion equipment and engineering associated with connecting renewable energy sources
to a load or distribution grid.

Some customers are aware of a new company, Globetech Pty Ltd, established by some former ISS
employees. This company has no relationship with ISS and there is certainly no “relocation” as
implied in recent communications for Globetech Pty Ltd.

We are looking forward to our continuing and growing relationship.

Yours truly,

Craig Harrison
Managing Director

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