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Become a Certified PROFIBUS Engineer

Responding to increased demand, I S Systems together with PROCENTEC (PROFIBUS & PROFINET Competence Center Netherlands) are organising PROFIBUS certification training in Newcastle, Australia.

The Certified PROFIBUS Engineer course is a worldwide recognised training program and standardised by PROFIBUS International. It creates a quality platform for PROFIBUS qualified persons who are acknowledged by an official exam.

Certified PROFIBUS Engineer (CPE)
The Standard Certified PROFIBUS Engineer course (CPE) is an intensive hands-on and theoretical 3½ day training program including exam. After passing the exam, the attendee gets the title “Certified Profibus Engineer (CPE)” and will be officially registered. The registration is valid for 3 years. Extension is granted after a fresh up course.

Certified Profibus PA module (CPA)
The follow on Certified PA module takes 1½ days (including the exam) and is fully concentrated on PROFIBUS PA. It is only accessible for people who have passed the Certified PROFIBUS Engineer course.

CPE course content:       CPA course content:
-    Networking Basics
-    The technology of RS 485
-    Network components
-    Test and measurement equipment
-    Bus parameters and cycle times
-    The technology of DP
-    Practical exercises
  -    Difference between DP and PA
-    DP-V1
-    Available DP/PA couplers and links
-    The technology of MBP
-    Network components
-    Explosion safety and solutions
-    Parameters and profiles
-    Practical exercises

Target audience
This course is intended for everyone who has to understand the theoretical and practical aspects of PROFIBUS such as:
-    Advisors and Consultants
-    System integrators
-    Project leaders
-    Programmers
-    Installers

There are no prerequisites for joining the course; however it's recommended that the attendee has knowledge about the following:
-    Terms which are common in the industrial automation (PLC, remote I/O, etc.).
-    Terms which are common in electrical engineering (resistance, voltage, etc.).
-    Familiarity with Binary and Hexadecimal representations.

Course fee (exclusive of GST)
CPE&CPA (5 days incl. exams): AUD 5,000 (PI members: AUD 4,500)
(this includes morning and afternoon tea and lunch)

20 - 24 October 2008

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Contact Michelle on +61-(0)2-4964 8548 or email us for more information.