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High-tech from Germany

As a specialist for measurement technology and automation systems iba develops, manufactures and sells high-quality hardware and software components for measurement data logging and analysis in industrial systems and test benches.

In the field of steel and metal industry iba is the world leading provider of systems for process and quality data logging.

Further applications of iba products can be found in the paper and fiber industries, in transport engineering as well as in energy supply and wind power stations.

Iba is certified according to DIN ISO 9001 since 1996.


Product portfolio

iba develops PC-based systems for measured value acquisition and analysis, signal processing and automation.

Hardware and software products are characterised by a high degree of innovation based on special technological experience gained over a period of more than twenty years.

Furthermore, iba develops solutions for future technological challenges in cooperation with institutes, universities and customers.

A significant feature of the products is their distinctive connectivity to other systems and bus technologies.

An iba measured value acquisition system can be connected to most common automation systems.

Different system generations are considered so that even earlier system versions can be integrated, for example within the framework of modernisation.

iba systems offer a wide variety of interfaces:
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iba Software and hardware products

Below is a selection of the most important software and hardware products manufactured by iba.
  ibapda v6  

Process data logging

·    PC-based real-time system measured value
     acquisition and recording

·    Up to 2048 signals (and more)

·    Acquisition rate typical up to 1 kHz (1 ms)

·    Acquisition rate 25 kHz (40 µs) for vibration

·    Several recordings running parallel (continuous or

·    Wide connectivity

·    Comfortable signal engineering

·    Virtual signals and alarms

·     OPC-Client/Server

Analysing tool (freeware for iba users)

·    Evaluation of iba data files

·    A multitude of convenient display functions incl. 3D

·    Diverse reference axes (time, frequency, length,

·    Many arithmetic, statistic and logical functions

·    Database and export interface Report generator


Signal manager and software PLC

·    PC-based multitasking real-time system for
     processing and connec­tion of signals

·    Cycle time up to 1 ms

·    Graphical programming and structured text

·    Fully compatible according to IEC 1131 -3

·    Extensive block library Technological functions
     (RFFT) Fuzzy logic
  ibaqdr v6  

Quality data recording

·    Extended ibaPDA system for coordinated acquisition
     and recording of quality-relevant data on long products

·    Length-related recording of measurement data with
     meter accuracy

·    Up to 63 measuring points and 2048 signals

·    Product-oriented data storage Controllable from
     material tracking

Measuring and displaying

·    Synchronous recording of video images and
     measured data with ibaPDA-V6

·    Simple configuration in the I/O-Manager of ibaPDA-V6

·    Up to 16 cameras per ibaCapture-CAM server system

·    Up to 64 HMI stations per ibaPDA system can be used
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