Case Study: HMAS Waterhen Shore Power Supply 60hz Convertors (DC drives)

Scope: Design, manufacture, supply, installation and commissioning of new controls for the 50Hz to 60Hz shore supply power converters. There are four power converter motor generator sets, each unit comprising a 50Hz 10-pole synchronous motor prime mover driving a 60Hz 12-pole alternator. In addition, a standby diesel alternator can be started in 60Hz mode and paralleled to the 60Hz bus, providing additional power capacity during very high load periods. The new switchboard & controls include: synchronous motor starting & excitation systems; automatic synchronising to 50Hz bus; automatic synchronising to 60 Hz bus; alternator automatic voltage regulator (AVR) controls; automatic load sharing; automatic capacity controls (starting and shutting down sets) based on demand; comprehensive protection systems and fault monitoring & logging.

Client: Department of Defence – Infrastructure Division

JN9842 HMAS Waterhen 60Hz Pier panel