Case Study: Norske Skog Paper Machine Upgrade

Scope: Design, manufacture, supply, installation and commissioning of new supervisory systems, HMI and machine drive control systems for the paper machine. The existing analogue DC drives were upgraded with new digital speed control systems and new Profibus plant control network interfaces.

The new supervisory system provided machine set up data & menus, operations monitoring, alarms and trends. The controls upgrade functions include individual motor drive speed reference, torque reference (load sharing mode), section draw control and tension control. The original sequence paper machine control was replaced with Siemens S7-400 PLC based sequencing control system.

The complete control system upgrade was under-taken progressively during normal shutdowns, with the final switchover during a normal extended maintenance shutdown. The new system was operating live and in parallel for an extended period prior to the final crossover, providing an opportunity for operations familiarisation and demonstration of system stability and reliability.

Client: Norske Skog