Case Study: Boral Dunmore Quarry SCADA

Scope: Design, manufacture, install and commission a new control system with a view to maximising the throughput of Boral’s Dunmore Quarry while simplifying the operation and improving the Human Machine Interface (HMI).

The new system required a PLC system flexible enough to cope with the changing demands of the quarry and powerful enough to handle the complex sequencing and control algorithms of the plant processes. I S Systems opted for a Siemens Simatic 545 PLC system with distributed I/O on a Profibus Network. A Citect SCADA system was integrated with the PLC system in order to allow the operators full control and visualization of the major quarry sequences. The SCADA also provided operators and quarry management with alarm and trending information in custom-made report formats. The SCADA system consisted of two servers in a dual redundant configuration communicating to the PLC via industrial Ethernet. It was also connected to a modem, allowing remote monitoring of the quarry via TCP/IP communications.

The success of the project was well demonstrated by the doubling of the quarry’s production capacity and also by the approvals of the operators, who proclaimed that: “The new system is a quantum leap from the systems that we are used to working on”.

Client: Boral