Case Study: Bronx International Strip Process Lines

Scope: Design, manufacture, install and commission the control systems for steel process lines for Bronx International, both in Australia and internationally.

The electrical system for a typical steel process line (e.g. galvanising or paint line) consists of variable speed vector control AC drives and motors, Siemens S7-400 PLC system, direct on line starters, power distribution boards, operator control desks and various field devices.

The purpose of the control system is process sequencing and control with an emphasis on strip speed (up to 200m/min +/-.01%) and strip tension (+/-1%) control. Strip transport involves uncoiling the strip in the entry section, moving the flat steel strip through the various process sections at pre-defined speeds and tension setpoints and finally recoiling the finished product at the exit end. The co-ordination of this process is achieved using the PLC for sequencing and referencing and then sending command and reference data to the various vector controlled AC drives via a Profibus DP communications network. The specialized functions required at the coilers, such as inertia/loss compensation and diameter calculations are achieved using high-speed Simadyn D processors with software that was specially developed by I S Systems.

I S Systems designed, manufactured and commissioned electrical and automation systems for complete process lines in Australia (2 paint), Singapore (1paint), Kenya (2 gal, 1 paint), Bangladesh (3 gal), Nigeria (1 gal, 1 paint), and Guatemala (1 gal). I S Systems enabled Bronx to improve the reliability and functionality of the lines. Most notably, the commissioning time, which used to be measured in months before I S Systems’ involvement, is now measured in weeks. The fact that three of these projects were run simultaneously is also a testament to I S Systems’ engineering depth and project management skill.

Client: Bronx International, Australia

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