Case Study: Austral Coal - Washery Control Upgrade

Scope: Design, install and commission a new control system for a coal washery. The upgrade was part of a larger project aimed at increasing the throughput at the washery.

The main control system required a PLC flexible enough to cope with the control and sequencing of the entire plant, including primary and secondary crushing & screening, separation, filtering, dewatering and distribution ready for loading to trains. Auxiliary systems such as water sprays, air compressors and effluent control were also integrated into the main control system.

The existing redundant TI565 was replaced by a Siemens Simatic 555 PLC system with 10 racks of TIWAY I/O. An existing Citect SCADA system was integrated with the PLC in order to allow the operators full control and visualization of all washery sequences and equipment. The SCADA system consisted of two servers in a dual redundant configuration communicating to the PLC via industrial Ethernet.

Thanks to the thorough design methods used during development and the intensive system testing undertaken before shipping to site, the upgrade was a complete success. Since then, I S Systems have been asked to provide ongoing support for the washery.

Client: Austral Coal