2 Channel PROFIBUS Fiber Optic Module Type 1

101-2015102 Channel PROFIBUS fiber optic module for 3 km multimode cable. This module enables long cable distances and a galvanic isolation between devices and segments. Suitable for: point-to-point, bus, star and hub topologies.

The fiber optic modules can be placed side by side with repeaters modules. Just like any other communication module, the channels are directly connected with the ProfiTrace OE core in the Head Station. Busmonitor data is directly available in the web server.

ComBricks can easily be transformed to a fully dedicated fiber optic hub mixed with copper segments. The hub topology delivers an optimized delay time and live expansion.

The advanced 12 Mbps core of the fiber optic module can be cascaded unlimitedly with other fiber modules. It contains diagnostic LEDs and supports the redundancy feature. The fiber connection is utilized by 4 ST/BFOC connectors.

101-201510 network
Product features

  Fiber optic characteristics
• 2 Fiber channels
• 3 km cable length
• Point-to-point, star and bus topologies
• 4 ST/BFOC connectors
• Multimode cable G62.5 / 125 (OM1) - 850 nm
• Compatible with most other vendors in 3rd party compatibility mode
• Fiber redundancy (switchable)
• No limit in cascading

• Transparent for all PROFIBUS protocols
• 9.6 kbps - 12 Mbps (auto detection)
• 51 TBit delay time per module (3 km cable)
• No address required

• 4 Networks selectable with switches
• 10 Modules (positioned in the first 10 slots)
• 400 mA current consumption

• Required Head Station firmware: V1.264 and later
• Operating temperature: 0..60 °C
• Dimensions: 140 x 110 x 25 mm
• Weight: 121 g

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2CH Fiber Optic Module Contact us 101-201510 Includes:
- Backplane unit
- Fiber connector
protection covers