Head Station Type 1A with basic web server

0094The Head Station is the primary element of ComBricks and has to be inserted in the most left slot of the fixed backplane socket. It schedules the interaction between all modules and provides data storage and an Ethernet interface for the user.

The Head Station provides power to all modules through its redundant power supply.

Type 1A contains a basic web server to inspect the status of the modules and customize the parameters of advanced modules. The ProfiTrace core is NOT enabled, but repeater modules can still be set to 4 networks.

Product features

• Drives 32 modules (10 high-speed)
• Redundant power supply
• uSD card holder for 32 GB (SD and SDHC)
• USB connector for firmware updates

• 10 / 100 Mbps link speed

Basic web server
• Status of all modules
• System log

Power supply
• Operating voltage: 11..26 VDC
• Backplane current: 2.5 A

• Operating temperature: 0..60 °C
• Dimensions: 140 x 110 x 25 mm
• Weight: 150 g

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Head Station 1A
Basic web server
Contact us 101-20011A - Fixed Backplane unit
- 2GB SD Card
- USB firmware programming cable