PROFIBUS Slave Module PBS001

101-220210 DPSThe ComBricks PROFIBUS DP slave module has considerable added value for the installation. It is the only available device with a powerful 3-in-1 functionality: PROFIBUS DP slave device - ProfiTrace busmonitor - Modular repeater.
The slave device enables the largest multiple cross gateways between PROFINET and PROFIBUS modules which are placed in the backplane. Simultaneously it permanently monitors the segment/network and acts as a repeater when it is used in combination with other communication modules.

Slave device (gateways and remote I/O)
It’s the component of choice to establish communication between multiple PROFINET and PROFIBUS controllers that manage their own specific network. The gateway works the similarly way as regular DP/DP and PN/DP couplers. The data area between the modules is customized with the help of pre-defined blocks from the GSD files. ComBricks has the advantage that 10 PROFINET / PROFIBUS modules can exchange information. The configuration steps are the same as any other PROFIBUS slave device. By means of the GSD file the respective I/O modules have to be selected in the configuration tool, after which the PLC can make the I/Os available for the software application and the network.

The repeater works as any ComBricks PROFIBUS repeater. With the integrated ProfiTrace and the enhanced RS 485 signals it is the best partner you can get for extended and reliable segments.

Application areas
- Coupling small machines.
- Linking networks with different controllers.
- Coupling PROFIsafe networks to regular networks.
- Migration from old control systems to new control systems.
- Quasi master-master communication.



Product features

PROFIBUS Slave Device
• DP-V0 (certification number: Z01776)
• Ident Number: 696F
• 9.6 kbps..12 Mbps (auto detect and including 45.45 kbps)
• Bus address by dipswitches or set slave address command
• 244 Bytes input and 244 bytes output (128 Bytes I/O per proxy)
• Selectable number of I/O bytes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 64 bytes
• Fail safe: Outputs OFF, Outputs ON, Keep last value, Custom failsafe value
• Simulation input patterns: ON, OFF, Blink, Up counter, Down counter, Zig Zag

• 1 RS 485 bus channel with DB9 connector
• 31 devices/bus-loads per channel
• 1200 m cable length (depends on baudrate)
• 3.75 Tbit delay time
• No limit in cascading

ProfiTrace Busmonitor
• Live List
• Statistics
• Message recording

• 10 Networks (web server), 4 Networks (dipswitches and web server)
• 10 Modules (positioned in the first 10 slots)
• 390 mA current consumption

• Operating temperature: 0..60 °C
• Dimensions: 120 x 103 x 25 mm
• Weight: 120 g



ProductsPriceOrder codeDescription
PROFIBUS module PBS001 Contact us 101-220210 Includes:
- Backplane unit


When this is the only communication module in the backplane, we recommend a Head Station 1A, because ProfiTrace is not used.




GSD files


Step7 consistency examples


PROFIBUS certificate