ISS Laverick Avenue 2021

  • New office and workshop facilities

    May 2021
    The I S Systems Directors are pleased to announce the opening of new office and workshop facilities at 12 Laverick Ave., Tomago. This development is in response to business growth particularly in the Defence, Mining and Infrastructure market sectors.
    The site is adjacent to the existing office and workshop. The new facility provides an additional 564m2 of office space and 1,040m2 workshop space. The new workshop includes a 10t overhead gantry crane and a 600A shop electrical power supply.
    The new facilities form fundamental elements in development of I S Systems business, company structure and operations. Other concurrent developments include the upgrades to MS Navision, MS SharePoint Document Management System (DMS), Information Security ISO 27001 accreditation and Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) accreditation.







  • I S Systems is increasing our exposure in Western Australia

    May 2021
    Our previous business centre location in West Perth has been discontinued and I S Systems has relocated to Unit 1/40 Tennant Street, Welshpool. The new premises has both office and workshop space. One of our team leaders with significant experience in the mining sector has relocated to Perth to provide a local permanent presence for I S Systems and be able to visit customer sites in the west at short notice. This is essential at this time considering the travel restrictions that may be imposed at any time by border closures and lockdowns during the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, a new engineer, Tony Bo Liu, will provide additional support at the new facility and is commencing in mid-May.







  • I S Systems at the PACIFIC 2019, International Maritime Exposition.

    October 2019
    ISS is pleased to advise that it has a Booth at the PACIFIC 2019, International Maritime Exposition, Maritime & Navy Technology at the ICC, Darling Harbour, 8th to 10th October 2019. ISS invites its customers to attend the exposition.
    ISS's Defence (Naval) business commenced with a contract (A1715) awarded by BAE Systems for the Control & Monitoring (C&M) systems obsolescence upgrade on the ANZAC Class Frigates (8 ships). This project formed part of the AMCAP sustainment and upgrades for the ANZAC Frigates. The upgrades included the new Australian designed (CEAFAR) active phased array radar.
    The A1715 upgrade First of Class (FOC) HMAS Toowoomba is operational. The First Follow On (FON1) ship HMAS Arunta has completed sea trials and is now operational.
    The success of the A1715 project has led to further Naval ship contracts with the ANZAC Class ships and other Class ships in the Australian Navy.







  • I S Systems attains additional certifications.

    September 2017
    In addition to the current ISO9001 certification that was achieved in April 2014, I S Systems has for many years been committed to operating to ISO14001 and AS4801 standards for environmental and work, health and safety. Benefits have been realised in becoming certified to these standards in both providing products and services to our existing customers as well as opening up new market opportunities.
    The process of reviewing our documentation and procedures commenced during 2016. During 2017, a number of audits were conducted, including the upgrade of our ISO9001:2008 certification for quality to the current ISO9001:2015 standard. The certifications now added are ISO14001:2015 for our environmental system, and both AS4801:2001 and OHSAS18001:2007 for our work, health and safety system. Our future customers can be confident that the intended safety and environmental impacts is being achieved and will be maintained.
    All four certifications support our objective to provide quality engineering together with cost effective, safe, environmentally friendly and innovative solutions for our customers.







  • iba International Sales Meeting, Panama.

    October 2016
    I S Systems & iba Oceania Directors, Craig Harrison & Janelle Thornton, attended the 7th Annual iba Sales Meeting in Panama. Representatives from all worldwide regions attended. The event was hosted by Eric Di Luzio, iba LAT. The Latin American territory includes all countries south of Panama, including large expanses of Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Peru.
    The forum provided an opportunity for iba AG to present sales information and product development updates. The individual regions also made presentations outlining their sales and marketing strategies. Iba Oceania was pleased to present a significant annual sales growth continuing its business growth trend.
    A significant portion of the agenda was dedicated to business planning and strategic matters together with product development. The open forum format has delivered new concepts and products based on collaboration. Iba Oceania has delivered iba systems to BlueScope Steel. The systems are based on a new regionally developed iba driver for Toshiba TC-net network. TC-net is extensively used throughout BlueScope Steel. These systems are operational. The basic iba driver software was originally developed by iba Korea for POSCO. A second stage comprehensive development was a cooperation between iba Korea, iba Oceania and iba Asia. The TC-net driver is now a standard iba AG product.







  • I S Systems develops SiMVD interface for iba.

    October 2016
    I S Systems has recently completed the development of the SiMVD interface for iba. The SiMVD interface allows for acquisition of data from the Siemens Sinamics GH180 (Robicon) medium voltage drives. No configuration or setup is necessary on the drive side with up to 90 signals trended per drive. The sampling period is at 50ms and no additional hardware is required. All drives can be displayed on the same trend window for load sharing analysis etc. This is a very powerful tool for commissioning, fault finding, performance monitoring etc on the Harmony drives. Contact I S Systems for more information on the SiMVD interface.






  • ANZAC Frigate Fleet C&M Obsolescence Project .

    January 2016
    I S Systems is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a $19.8M contract with BAE Systems for the Control & Monitoring (C&M) Obsolescence project. BAE Systems provide engineering and maintenance support for the Royal Australian Navy ANZAC class Frigates (eight ships). The project is part of wider program to potentially improve the ANZAC class Frigate capabilities and to extend their operational life. The project scope includes replacement of the existing Siemens S5 PLC systems to Siemens S7 PLC’s and replacement of the ship SCADA systems to Siemens Win CC. The new C&M system has a redundant fibre optic communications network supporting a high level of redundancy for the system servers and controllers. ISS demonstrated during the bid process that it has extensive S5 to S7 knowledge and experience. Importantly ISS also presented a comprehensive and detailed risk management strategy for the project. This strategy permitted the “offline” verification of the new software through simulation and parallel testing with the training system at HMAS Stirling, WA.






  • I S Systems signs on as a Licensed Eaton xEnergy Partner.

    December 2015
    I S Systems as a licenced Eaton xEnergy Partner now has the expertise and capability to manufacture and assemble main switchboards in accordance with IEC/EN61439 as well as AS/NZS3439. For more information, see the Eaton xEnergy product page.






  • Ben Younger attends the Procentec Distributor Meeting, Wateringen.

    October 2015
    Ben Younger attended the Procentec Distributor Meeting in Wateringen, Netherlands, October 2015.






  • IbaOceania Attends the 7th International Sales & Marketing Conference, Fuerth.

    July 2015
    Craig Harrison and Niel Mukherjee attended the iba AG in Fuerth, Germany, July 15th to 17th 2015. Attendees included representatives from all of the worldwide partner companies. The conference agenda included regional presentations.
    Oceania presented significantly increased sales and sales prospects, demonstrating the success of the Oceania sales strategy. The iba products are being sold into a wide range of industries demonstrating the flexibility of the hardware and software products.
    Niel attended the "Train the Trainer" sessions during the following week. These training sessions are an important activity to learn about latest product releases.




  • I S Systems and Delta Energy Systems in new system integration alliance launch.

    April 2015
    Delta Energy Systems, the Australian subsidiary of Delta Electronics, the world's largest power electronics company, recently entered an alliance partnership agreement with I S Systems, an Australian-based company specialising in automation systems and variable speed drives, and Marubeni Australia for capital support.
    pace-mag-apr-2015 page22pace-mag-apr-2015 page1




  • Craig Harrison elected “Fellow” of Engineers Australia..

    April 2015
    Craig Harrison, ISS Managing Director, has been elected “Fellow” of Engineers Australia. This appointment is in recognition of Craig’s long service, experience and expertise in the Electrical Engineering field. Craig is also a registered “Charted Professional Engineer” (CP Eng.) and a “Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland” (RPEQ).




  • Iba International Sales Meeting 2014.

    October 2014
    The Directors and staff of ibaOceania & I S Systems were very pleased to host the "6th iba International Sales Meeting" in Newcastle, 13th to 15th October 2014. The conference hotel venue was Noah's on the Beach. The location provided very pleasant accommodation and background for the proceedings. Fifteen "iba family" delegates came from Germany (iba AG & iba Asia), Turkey, China, Korea, Malaysia, USA and Latin America.
    The conference agenda included country presentations. These presentations always provide a very important perspective for the iba business in different markets. Craig Harrison (iba Oceania & I S Systems Director) presented the Oceania report with a focus on the Energy and Defence business successes. The Conference agenda included a visit to the ibaOceania & I S Systems facilities at Tomago and visit to the CSIRO Renewable Energy Research facility at Mayfield West. Our host was Dr. Glenn Platt who provided our guests with an overview of the centres activities and a project site inspection. Glenn also discussed recent and current contracts with I S Systems who are supplying specialised equipment supporting his team's research program.
    The conference social activities included Whale Watching off the coast at Port Stephens. The whales and dolphins co-operated and treated the visitors to some great photographic opportunities.




  • Power Grid Simulator - Renewable Energy Research.

    July 2014
    I S Systems is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a contract from the CSIRO for the design and manufacture of a "Power Grid Simulator". The Low Voltage (LV) network simulator rated at 100kVA with switchable stepped impedances simulating different lengths of overhead wire and cable transmission lines. The simulator elements (inductors, capacitors and resistors) provide constant characteristics over a wide frequency range, 50Hz to 2kHz. The CSIRO will use the simulator at their Mayfield site to conduct research into imbedded renewable generation in local LV distribution networks.




  • I S Systems attains ISO 9001 Certification.

    April 2014
    ISS has been committed to operating and maintaining standards compliant with ISO 9001 for many years in order to provide quality services and products to our customers. While this has assisted in giving us an excellent reputation with our customers and in the industry, the need to obtain ISO 9001 certification was realised in 2012/2013.
    The ISO 9001 Accreditation was programmed in conjunction with a major upgrade of ISS's accounting and ERP systems. The conversion to MS Navision provided an opportunity to integrate many former stand alone ERP functions, including, online time sheets, payroll, HR, training, quoting, contact management, estimating and project management (MS Project based).
    In mid 2013, the ISO 9001 Certification began a process of reviewing our procedures, updating documentation and filling in the gaps. This has produced a quality management system that will assist us in improving company performance and productivity. It will also provide greater focus on our company objectives and customer expectations and satisfaction, while opening up new market opportunities. Our efforts have been rewarded with Certification being granted in April, 2014. Our future customers can be confident that the intended quality is being achieved and will be maintained.
    ISO 9001 Certification supports our objective to provide quality engineering together with cost effective and innovative solutions for our customers.




  • I S Systems & Electrical Maintenance & Manufacturing, Joint Announcement.

    April 2014
    The Directors of ISS (Craig Harrison & Janelle Thornton) and of Electrical Maintenance & Manufacturing (EMM) (Col Wood) are pleased to formally announce the re-establishment of their former long standing business collaboration. ISS and EMM will jointly tender for project work providing turnkey solutions capabilities, with ISS undertaking the engineering & project management complimented by EMM undertaking the electrical manufacturing tasks. ISS has had a continuous presence in Wollongong since the 1989. ISS is an ISO 9001:2008 accredited company. ISS has recently undertaken contracts with BlueScope Steel, NZ and Westernport. EMM was established in 1983 and has a long association with BlueScope Steel and other industries in the Illawarra region. We look forward to jointly tendering for projects with BlueScope Steel, Port Kembla and the Illawarra region.




  • Pacific Power Association - 22nd Conference, July 2013, Palau.

    July 2013
    ISS attended the 22nd PPA Conference & Exhibition. ISS is an Allied Member of the PPA. ISS was represented by Craig Harrison and Anthony Teoh. The conference presented an opportunity to meet many of our existing island utility customers and the other island utilities. ISS exhibited the Selco equipment (engine management, generator controls, synchronising & protection, plus the "engine eye" cylinder pressure monitoring), iba "transient fault recording", the ISS "Joulenergy" short term energy storage system and the ISS mid-sized utility scale HVDC transmission link system. The response and interest in the products was particularly pleasing.
    A large portion of the conference papers were focused on renewable energy penetration and islanded network stability. ISS was pleased to contribute to the discussions. ISS's recent power station, network stability and protection studies demonstrated the value of detailed analysis using actual system data as compared to "desk top studies".




  • Australian Solar Council (ASC) - Seminar Series.

    June 2013
    I S Systems was invited to participate in a series of capital city seminars focused on the topic of energy storage. Craig Harrison and Phil Madigan presented I S Systems super or ultra-capacitor Short Term Energy Storage (STES), called Joulenergy. The Joulenergy system is capable of delivering utility scale power. The STES applications in hybrid energy systems providing ramp rate control for PV and wind systems was discussed. The capability to achieve 100% RE penetration in islanded systems supporting standby diesel generation was described.
    It is now widely appreciated that increased RE penetration can only be achieved through the introduction of energy storage systems. I S Systems have subsequently been invited to join an industry subcommittee of the ASC with the objective promoting energy storage systems and providing a platform for technical dialog.




  • Electrical Energy Society of Australia - EECON, NSW 2013.

    June 2013
    The EECON Conference & Exhibition is organised by the Electrical Energy Society of Australia. EESA is affiliated with the Institution of Engineers, Australia. I S Systems exhibited its Joulenergy Short Term Energy Storage system and the iba Monitoring and Recording systems applied in Electrical Energy applications. I S Systems stand was well attended during the conference. ISS received an exhibitor's award which was presented during the last session, in recognition of the new and innovative technology exhibited. A special Certificate of Appreciation was awarded to I S Systems.




  • iba Newsletter 2/2012.

    November 2012
    Edition 2/2012 of iba's biannual Newsletter is now available here.




  • New website for iba-Oceania released

    15 November 2012
    iba-Oceania has released their new website. Iba is the expert in measurement and automation systems. We develop, produce and distribute high-quality hardware and software components intended for measurement data acquisition and analysis in industrial facilities and test stands.
    The new website can be found at:




  • I S Systems has been appointed as a PROCENTEC GOLD Distributor

    7 August 2012
    Pieter Barendrecht - PROCENTEC’s Head of Operations - visited I S Systems for a full day of on-site auditing. The exhaustive audit process does not only verify the integrity of our quality assurance system, but also confirms that ISS staff has the required expert knowledge of PROCENTEC products and their application. As a long standing PROCENTEC partner and distributor, we are extremely proud to have the GOLD Distributor status bestowed on us which further cements our role as the PROFIBUS and PROFINET Experts in the Australasian region.
    We carry a large range of PROCENTEC equipment in stock, ready for immediate dispatch.
    Our certified PROFIBUS Engineers can also assist you from the planning and design stage of your network, through to installation support and network certification, to ensure full compliance with PROFIBUS standards and many years of trouble free operation.
    I S Systems, your one stop supplier for all your PROFIBUS and PROFINET needs.




  • ASPA Engine contoller upgrade

    6 August 2012
    American Samoa Power Authority enjoys improved reliability in its main power station in Tafuna with the installation of Selco M2500 engine controllers and M3000 alarm annunciators. The four 640 series Deutz engines had been suffering reliability issues with the original legacy engine controllers and alarm annunciators. Many problems were being seen as the result of dysfunctional condition monitoring as well as the engines shutting down and becoming unavailable on false alarms due to the failing electronics. I S Systems successfully undertook the project to replace the legacy engine controllers with the Selco M2500 engine controller and M3000 alarm annunciators, improving reliability, condition monitoring as well as providing power station operators with an easy to use interface.
    The installation and commissioning of the new Selco M2500 engine controllers were performed by I S Systems Engineers hand in hand with Generation operators and electricians to enable the transfer of knowledge and confidence in the use of the new engine controllers. The electrical installation and commissioning works were done in parallel to engine overhaul works performed by Generation Mechanics which meant that no additional downtime of the engines was required.




  • I S Systems opens Perth Office

    19 April 2012
    In response to continuing business growth in WA, I S Systems has opened a new Perth office located in the inner city area. The West Perth area is conveniently located near to our major customer offices in the Perth CBD. The new office provides a facility to improve our WA customer services and to provide for further expansion of our WA business. The new address and contact details are:

    I S Systems Pty Limited
    45 Ventnor Street
    West Perth WA   6005
    Phone: +61 8 9429 8817



  • Optocon AG provides fiber optic temperature solutions for various industrial markets..

    16 January 2012
    Optocon AG has been providing fiber optic temperature solutions to the market globally for over 19 years.

    Their core competence is the development and sale of fiber optic sensors and signal conditioners for temperature measurements in electromagnetically strongly-influenced environments, in microwave fields, power plants or explosion-proof areas and wherever measurement with standard electrical temperature sensors is not possible.

    They are specialists in handling and solving customer-specific optical technical problems and adapting fiber optic measurement techniques to its specific needs.

    Optocon AG has formed a partnership with I S Systems to further increase its presence in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands and to deploy fiber optic measurement technologies into the local temperature monitoring markets.




  • iba Newsletter 2/2011.

    December 2011
    Edition 2/2011 of iba's biannual Newsletter is now available here.




  • iba 3rd International Sales & Marketing Conference.

    18 October 2011
    Janelle Thornton & Craig Harrison, directors of ISS and ibaOceania, attended the iba sales and marketing meeting hosted by ibaAmerica in Alpharetta, GA. The conference included presentations from each sales region. Janelle and Craig were pleased to report a very strong sales growth and success in the development of new iba product opportunities in mining and energy applications. ibaAG announced the opening of the new website. A number of new products were formally launched including the S-IT family plus the Logic4 Software. (more..)




  • iba Newsletter 1/2011.

    7 August 2011
    iba releases the first English version of its biannual Newsletter “EINblick” (Insight). You can download a copy of it here.




  • I S Systems Selco partnership formalised.

    7 June 2011
    I S Systems has been appointed as Selco partner for Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands for marine, power generation and protection products. (more..)




  • Pace Zenith Awards 2010

    May 2010
    The May 2010 issue of PACE Magazine lists I S Systems for two categories in the annual Zenith Awards, PACE magazine's process control, instrumentation and automation industry awards program for Australia and New Zealand (more.. )  




  • ISS and iba Joint Venture

    4 March 2010
    I S Systems is pleased to announce the establishment of a local iba presence in the form of ibaOceania Systems Pty Limited, a joint venture with ibaAsia. ibaOceania is here to serve Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Micronesia with the iba range of products (more..)  




  • NEW SIMATIC S7-1200 released!

    June 2009
    The SIMATIC S7-1200 micro PLC and the SIMATIC HMI Basic Panels feature SIMATIC STEP 7 Basic engineering software for simple-and-speedy programming, networking and commissioning. The micro PLC's central unit is fully compatible with a range of I/O and communications modules, providing flexible extension options.

    The system also offers a PROFINET interface for easy networking and communication between the engineering system, controllers, and HMI.




  • Pace Zenith Awards 2009

    May 2009
    I S Systems received two highly commended awards for PACE Zenith Awards 2009 (more.. )  




  • Siemens S5 stocks

    March 2009
    I S Systems is expanding its stock of Siemens S5 spares as part of our strategy to bolster support for customers wanting to maintain their S5 systems. To find out more just call either Barrie or Martin.




  • Certified Profibus Courses

    September 2008
    I S Systems to hold Certified Profibus Courses in October 2008




  • 2008 Management Team

    August 2008
    New 2008 I S Systems Management Team (more.. )




  • Pace Zenith Awards 2008

    May 2008
    For the third year in a row I S Systems have been selected as a finalist in the Zenith Awards (more..)  




  • ABB Drives Alliance

    7 March 2008
    I S Systems signs ABB Drives Alliance Agreement (more.. )




  • Pace Zenith Awards 2007

    May 2007
    I S Systems' innovation gains recognition through a first place in the prestigious 2007 PACE Zenith Awards!