Ingenuity with Purpose

When people who understand engineering delve into I S Systems’ capabilities they tend to surface highly impressed. Time and again our people have taken on difficult, multifaceted engineering challenges – projects that others have been intimidated by – and have successfully completed them with composure and control.

These capabilities derive from a team of remarkable people who thrive on engineering ingenuity. A large proportion of our projects are unique. However, we never apply technological innovation merely for its own sake.

Everything that we do is geared to helping our clients to operate faster, more economically, achieve higher product quality, greater reliability and better performance. We are alert and sensitive to what drives our clients’ businesses and where the value lies in their operations.

We do everything that we can to help them increase that value. Ingenuity with purpose.

The substance behind the promise:

This is our territory. Our expertise is in developing and engineering customised solutions that automate and control equipment and industrial machinery. No-one knows or understands this niche better than we do.

Every risk is identified and managed. Clients entrust us with large projects that have substantial impacts on their business. Production lines and entire industrial plants often depend on the quality and accuracy of our work, and millions of dollars may be at stake if manufacturing time is lost or machinery is damaged. We verify assumptions, check and recheck, and put in place every process and safeguard necessary to protect the physical safety of people on site and the integrity of our clients’ material assets.

When we say it will work, it will. We provide our clients with total confidence. They can base their plans - whether these involve a maintenance shutdown, an upgrade, a major production expansion, or a whole new plant - on the fact that our part of the equation will work precisely when and how we specify.

We fit into tight spaces. One of our most notable attributes, and a major point of difference, is our ability to conduct complex changeovers, and start up plant and equipment, in time-frames that others regard as impossible. The fact that we get it right every time is not a coincidence.

Value far beyond the project. We start each project by understanding what our clients need to achieve. Then we look to add more; finding opportunities to reduce their costs and increase their production throughput, revenue and profits. Frequently our solution not only pays for itself, but generates many times the cost in tangible value for our clients - short term returns and the longevity of their investment.

Capacity and resources. We don’t just have exceptional people, we have lots of them. Our engineering and management teams have helped bring in headline projects in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe and Africa.

The personal touch. We are not an impersonal monolith. Nor do we operate like one. There is no bureaucracy, no layers to cut through. Our management team and our directors are easily accessible to our clients. Communication is speedy and simple. Responses are fast and support is given enthusiastically and unstintingly.