PROFIBUS RS 485-IS connector (35°)

0137Certified fast Connect connector for PROFIBUS RS 485-IS connectivity in IP 20 hazardous areas.

The shielding clamps connect the shielding of the cable with the device ground.

The Fast Connect system saves time during assembly.

Because of IS guidelines, it has a blue color.

Product features
• Fast Connect
• Switchable terminating resistor
• 1.5 Mbps
• 8 mm cable diameter
• 4 FC terminals (A-B in, A-B out)
• IP 20

ATEX (electrical)
• Ui = 4.2 V
• Ii = 4.8 A
• Li ≈ 0 μH
• Ci = Negligibly small

ATEX (compliance)
0173 II 2 G and I M2 Ex ib IIC T4
• Certification number: DEKRA 04ATEX1233 IECEx KEM 05.0015
• Compliant with the PNO RS 485-IS Installation Guidelines V1.1
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RS 485-IS DP plug
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The RS 485-IS plug of device category 2G may be used in zone 1 hazardous areas.
It is NOT allowed to use the plug on non-Ex equipment.