1 Channel PROFIBUS Repeater

DPrepeaterThe compact PROFIBUS DP Repeater B1 tackles the technological limitations of the existing repeaters. This first-class network component fulfils the electrical, mechanical and diagnostic requirements of the demanding modern industry.

The advanced 12 Mbps core of the B1 is identical as the ProfiHub; it can be cascaded unlimitedly and has increased RS 485 strength. It does not have the frustrating short-circuit bug and the data is constantly monitored for glitches which are digitally filtered out. Every channel has on-board switchable termination and able to drive 31 devices.

The removable screw terminals of the PROFIBUS interface are pinned-out in a way that reversal mounting of the repeater does not impact existing wiring. A DB9 connector is provided for ProfiTrace or other maintenance/engineering tools.

The redundant power supply makes it suitable for applications where high availability is required and consumes relatively low power which helps the environment.
Product features
1 Isolated channel (2 segments)
Increased RS 485 strength
31 devices per segment
1200 m cable length (depends on transmission speed)
No limit in cascading
Redundant power supply (19..28 VDC)
Transparent for all PROFIBUS DP protocols
12 Mbps (automatic detection)
No address required
Integrated termination (switches)
Diagnostic LEDs to indicate the status of the bus
Removable screw terminals and 1 DB9 connector
Din-rail mounting
IP 20
Your benefits
•  Short circuit protection on each segment
•  High availability
•  Compact
•  Suitable for all DP cables
•  Low power consumption
•  Conveniently arranged networks
•  Extendable installations
•  Cost saving
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101-00201A Includes 4 GC-01 - Bus cable grounding clips.