Procentec is the recognised leader in Profibus diagnostics in Europe. I S Systems have been associated with Procentec and have used their Profitrace range of Profibus analysis products for some years. I S Systems is the authorized distributor of Procentec products in Australia. The Procentec range includes the now famous Profitrace software and its associated Proficore Hardware as well as other products such as Proficaptain and Profipulse.

I S Systems engineers will be happy to advise on the best products or services for your application. 


From the Procentec website:

PROCENTEC is an independent company, concentrating all its products and services on PROFIBUS and PROFINET technology. Our main business is the development of automation products which are exported through our worldwide distributor network. PROCENTEC is also providing vendor independent training and support to end-users.

The technology and solutions that we offer enable our customers to successfully participate in the world of industrial automation. We take pride in possessing in-depth knowledge of fieldbus requirements in factory and process automation and the expertise to create innovative solutions for these areas.

With ProfiTrace we are one of the leading manufacturers of mobile troubleshooting and maintenance tools. Our robust ProfiHubs provide the most reliable network infrastructure on the market today. The superb combination of these products within ComBricks enables us to rapidly become the primary manufacturer of network components with integrated capabilities for remote monitoring and asset management.

PROCENTEC runs 2 offices; the headquarters is based in The Netherlands and a sales/support office located in Germany.


As of 8 August 2012 I S Systems is now a:

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Klopperman 16
The Netherlands
Tel.: +31 174-671 800
Fax: +31 174-671 801
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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