PROFIBUS DP Training Device

101 00221AThe SIO4DP is the first dedicated PROFIBUS training device for educational and testing environments. It allows engineers to practice their skills so they can act appropriately when faults occur. This results in the continuity of the production process, higher uptime and lower operating costs.


The continuity of the production process is essential in the world of process automation and factory automation. Downtime is unacceptable and causes unnecessarily high costs. Therefore, it is crucial to train engineers in a test environment where several potential issues in everyday practice can be addressed.

The SIO4DP is a DP-V1 PROFIBUS slave with 4 bits input and 4 bits output. It has a unique feature for educational purposes that no other slave can offer. It emulates bus failures and I/O patterns. It can generate a bus fault by physically removing itself from the PROFIBUS after a certain time. This time can be defined in the slave by editing the device parameters in the GSD. It also fits perfectly with tools like ProfiTrace to practice bus and data problems.


The SIO4DP is suitable for certified PROFIBUS Engineer training, PROFIBUS troubleshooting training, training kits and demo networks. It's also designed as a fully functional industrial I/O module which can be used in many factory automation applications.


Technical specifications

  Product features
• DP-V0, DP-V1 (certification number: Z01831)
• Ident Number: 6960
• 9.6 kbps .. 12 Mbps (auto detect)
• Max. 244 Bytes input and 244 bytes output
• Software and hardware addressing (0 - 126)
• DB9 connector
• Fail safe: Outputs OFF, Outputs ON, Keep last value, Custom failsafe value
• Simulation input patterns: ON, OFF, Blink, Up counter, Down counter, Zig Zag, Random
• Diagnostic LEDs
• Power supply: 12 .. 30 VDC
• IP 20 classification
• Operating temperature: 0..60 °C


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