GC-01 - Bus cable grounding clip

0081The GC-01 ground clip prevents pig tales in the grounding at devices that have screw terminals for the connection of the bus cable. It’s suitable for every standard PROFIBUS DP and PA cable (8 – 10 mm).

The clip has to be firmly mounted in the ground terminal at the device to get the best EMC performance and additionally provide a strain relief.
Product features

• Cable diameter: Max. 6 mm (jacket removed)
• Terminal width: 1.8 mm
• Terminal length: 17 mm
• Total length: 28 mm
• Total width: 23 mm
• Material: Stainless steel
• Weight: 6 g
• Resistance: <10 mOhm

Products Price Order code Remarks
GC-01 Contact Us 101-00201B Bag of 25 pieces.

Check out the IEC 61000-5-2 standard for recommended fieldbus grounding techniques.

A set is provided with the COMbricks, Repeater B1 and Terminator T1.