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Many customers have variable speed drives installed on site. Some of these drives are critical to the throughput of the plant. In order to reduce risk of lengthy delays due to failures associated with the Drives or their relevant interface or safety system, it is essential to ensure that expert assistance is on hand 24 hour a day, 365 days of the year should it be required. Equipment manufacturers are constrained to support their own individual products. Customers usually have systems comprising multiple vendor equipment and the site therefore requires support across these multiple vendors. I S Systems have extensive experience with all of the major vendors and has a long history of providing the required site integrated system support.



I S Systems is able to provide a comprehensive assistance package which provides an efficient and economical service to maintain optimum production. Remote support, onsite support and audits & preventative maintenance are offered for both low voltage drive (LVD) and medium voltage drive (MVD) variants. Support assistance can take various forms from telephone contact to online remote support and if required presence on site. Support assistance can be provided 24hrs per day 365 days per year. I S Systems engineers are available with agreed response times and next flight availability if onsite support is required. Onsite audits & preventative maintenance are to be conducted as per agreed plans under the comprehensive assistance package.


The system of audits and preventative maintenance is a measure to ensure that non-scheduled or urgent breakdowns are prevented. Also many non-urgent and some urgent support problems can be remedied at the time of audit further ensuring that non-scheduled site visits are minimal. This is an absolute demonstration of the effectiveness and efficiency of the services provided by I S Systems. The fact that the vast majority of support is remote means that problems are solved quickly and economically without travel, accommodation or site allowance costs involved in providing the necessary support and assistance to keep production throughput at maximum capacity. I S Systems engineers work directly with the site staff to improve system reliability through design improvements.


The audits provide a baseline of data and information for the equipment items which will be established and maintained as a reference for maintenance and troubleshooting. The audit process will include an update of the installed equipment, software schedules and a review of the upgrade plan to help avoid obsolescence.


I S Systems can provide training to your personnel on the software and hardware associated with this package to eliminate any high dependence on individuals.


This is I S Systems total care plan for variable speed drives.


More information:

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