Siemens MASTERDRIVES service, support and upgrade

Siemens has produced the MASTERDRIVES range of automation products since the early 1990’s. These products have come to the end of their life and are no longer supported by Siemens.

How does this affect your plant?

• Cost of spares are becoming more expensive, availability is decreasing and lead time to receive spares is increasing

• Specific Product knowledge of MASTERDRIVES products and specialist knowledge is not readily available


Our MasterDrives Know-How is your advantage

I S Systems have the expertise to offer continued support for the MasterDrives systems, with extensive range of stocked spares and specialist service engineers, available around the clock.

We can also conduct independent audits to establish your level of exposure and offer solutions to keep your plant producing.

I S Systems have devised a number of proven upgrade strategies to cope with the MasterDrives phase-out with over 50 major conversions successfully completed over the last 5 years.

Experienced Engineers with a combined experience of over 100 years of MasterDrives knowledge can assess your risk and tailor solutions to fulfill your change-out requirement and budget.


MasterDrives Service & Support

We carry out site audits to determine:

• A rationalised list of MasterDrives parts in use on site
• Evaluation of MasterDrives spares held on site and advise on critical spares
• MasterDrives program backup verifications
• Support and upgrade proposals


MasterDrives upgrades

Upgrades can take any number of pathways and include:

• Full upgrades: The MasterDrives is replaced in its entirety with state of the art drives systems

• Staged upgrades:
   - Upgrade individual components.

Each strategy offers distinct advantages, let us advise you on which one suits you best.

Give us a call and let us objectively assess your risk and formulate a service & support or upgrade strategy that fits your needs.


MASTERDRIVES Phase out Timeline

masterdrives timeline

For more information: PDF icon ISS Siemens MasterDrives Upgrade Brochure